A trip to Brussels is highly suggested for those looking for a true taste of Europe. The city is a captivating travel destination because of its dynamic environment, extensive history, and wide cultural attractions. Experiences abound, including the magnificent Grand Place, a plethora of delectable food, interesting museums, and wonderful summer festivals.

Its central location also makes it a great starting point for seeing other quaint Belgian cities, which increases its allure as a tourism destination. Before diving into detail let’s have a look at the stats and try to find the answer to the question “Is Brussels Worth Visiting?”

as per reports “In 2022, different parts of Belgium saw varying levels of growth in overnight stays. West Flanders had the most with over 14 million, followed by Brussels with 7 million and Antwerp province with 6 million. In Wallonia, the Luxembourg province in the Belgian Ardennes was the top region, reporting over 4.1 million overnight stays. Brussels showing an average rise of 2,594,015 individuals from December 1992 to 2023, based on 32 observations.”

Aerial view of Grand Place Square and Town Hall (Hôtel de Ville de Bruxelles). Sunset cityscape of the City of Brussels, Belgium

Is Brussels Worth Visiting? Detailed Overview Needed

Brussels, the capital of Belgium holds the distinction of being known as the hub of Europe. It attracts a population, from nations due to its status as the headquarters of the European Union (EU). Interestingly 27% of Brussels residents were not born in Belgium. This city is not only rich in history but is also renowned, for its delectable and nutritious cuisine. Let’s dive into what this vibrant city has to offer and explore its associated costs.

Is Brussels expensive?

When it comes to planning a trip, one of the considerations is the cost involved. Whether Brussels is considered expensive. Not largely depends on your perspective and what you are comparing it to. Here’s a breakdown of the factors involved;

Compared to other major European cities:

  1. More expensive than Lisbon, Madrid, Prague, Berlin, and Rome.
  2. About the same as Milan and Vienna.
  3. Less expensive than Paris, London, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen.

In terms of cost of living:

  1. Housing: Rental prices are lower than in most major European cities, but utilities can be expensive.
  2. Food: Groceries are relatively affordable, but eating out can be pricey, especially in tourist areas.
  3. Transportation: Public transportation is efficient and relatively cheap.
  4. Entertainment: Museums and other attractions can be expensive, but there are also many free things to do in Brussels.

Here are some specific examples of prices in Brussels:

A beer€3-5
A coffee€2-3
A lunch€8-15
A dinner€15-25
A monthly transportation pass€36
some specific examples of prices in Brussels

In general, Brussels is not the cheapest city in Europe, nor is it expensive. It offers value for your money particularly if you’re mindful of your budget and are open to preparing meals yourself and utilizing transportation.

Do You Need Cash In Brussels?

In Brussels, almost everywhere you can use cards, so you’re good to go! Just a quick check with the vendor before you order is always a good idea. If you prefer cash, big notes like €100 might not be accepted everywhere, so smaller ones are better.

What Language Do I Hear in Brussels?

In Brussels, the language situation is a bit interesting! It’s officially bilingual, meaning both French and Dutch are recognized as official languages. So, you’ll hear both languages spoken around the city!

Brussels or Other Belgian Cities? Which do you prefer?

Brussels is like the cool older sibling of Belgium’s charming towns. It’s the capital, so it’s buzzing with history, museums, and yummy food. Think grand buildings, quirky statues, and chocolate shops galore! ️

Skyline Brussels

Is Brussels safe?

Brussels is widely regarded as a place, for tourists although there have been occasional instances of pickpocketing. In general, Brussels possesses an inviting ambiance. By taking basic precautions, you can thoroughly relish your journey without significant worries. It’s a choice for a city getaway.

Is Brussels worth visiting in December?

December is not the time to visit Brussels as the weather tends to be chilly and windy, with temperatures ranging from 35—44°F (1—7°C). However, there are still plenty of events and activities exploring in Brussels during this period.

Things To Do In Brussels

Grand Palace of Brussels

The heart of the city is home, to the Grand Place, a square recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Crafted buildings from the 17th century encircle this plaza, each, with its captivating tale. The Grand Place is frequently celebrated as one of Europe’s squares and a single glance will reveal the reason why!

Brussels, Belgium. Grand Place. Market square surrounded by guild halls.

Royal Place of Brussels

The Royal Palace in Brussels is a fancy castle where the King of Belgium works and makes important decisions for the country. It is a beautiful building with fancy decorations and big windows. During the summer, visitors can sometimes go inside and see where the King works, including a sparkly mirror room and a fancy throne chair.

The Royal Palace of Brussels is the official palace of the King and Queen of the Belgians in the center of the nation’s capital of Brussels, Belgium.

The palace is surrounded by a park with trees, flowers, and statues of lions. It’s a special place to visit in Brussels and a fun way to learn about the King. Just remember that access to the inside may be limited to the summer months.


Originally built for Expo 1958, the Atomium has evolved into Brussels’ premier tourist destination, drawing over 600,000 visitors annually. It functions as both an art center and a symbol of the city and Belgium on the global stage. Its captivating light displays and interconnected spheres linked by escalators make it a tourist must-see attraction.

Brussels, Belgium – : The Miieurope and Atomium

Manneken Pis

The Manneken Pis is a known bronze sculpture located in Brussels, Belgium. It portrays a boy urinating in a fountain basin. This statue represents the city’s sense of humor. Has gained significant popularity among tourists.

For more watch this video also;


Mini Europe Park, in Brussels, Belgium attracts a lot of tourists. Here you can see this small park has to offer world-famous building replicas. You can come across the Eiffel Tower while wandering in Brussels, the Colosseum and even the Acropolis. It’s a destination to immerse yourself in the history and cultural heritage of these iconic sites. In essence, it feels like embarking on an adventure condensed into just a few hours.

Brussels, Belgium: View on Mini-Europe miniature park on Heysel plateau in the city of Brussels, Belgium

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Final Thoughts

In answering the question, “Is Brussels worth visiting?” the resounding answer is yes. This Belgian capital, often overshadowed by its European counterparts, offers a blend of history, culture, and cuisine that is both enriching and delightful.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or are embarking on your first adventure, Brussels promises a unique and unforgettable experience that is undeniably worth exploring. Discover the charms of Brussels for yourself and create lasting memories in this captivating city.

Frequently asked questions

Is it worth seeing Brussels?

Brussels is worth a visit! The city is brimming with vitality and a rich mix of cultures. There’s something for everyone in Brussels, ensuring you’ll never be bored. Even if you have one day to spend in Brussels, there are activities that you can squeeze in.

Is Brussels better than Amsterdam?

Both capital cities offer plenty of attractions for tourists. Brussels is well known for its association with Tintin, exquisite chocolate, exceptional beer and the European Union. On the other hand, Amsterdam is renowned for its houses, cozy coffee shops, picturesque canals and vibrant nightlife.

How many days are enough for Brussels?

You can cover all the attractions, in Brussels within a span of 2 days. The city’s key landmarks and points of interest are conveniently located near each other allowing you to explore Brussels efficiently with time.

Is Brussels worth visiting for tourists?

Brussels is a destination for tourists seeking a blend of culture and modernity. Its stunning architecture, museums, the abundance of art galleries, diverse dining options, numerous shops and lively nightlife make it a must-visit city.

Is Brussels worth visiting in winter?

I suggest visiting the city from May to September as the weather tends to be warmer and more pleasant. However, if you don’t mind the temperatures, winter can also be a time to explore Belgium’s capital.

Is Brussels worth visiting in February?

February is not the time to visit Brussels. The weather tends to be chilly and windy, with temperatures ranging from 32—44°F ( 0—7°C). However, there are many events and activities to be explored in Brussels during this period.

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